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Located in Washington D.C, DeliZique first opened in 2009. We want customers to feel pampered every day with our very best coffee and fresh food. Experience our fresh ingredients and high grade catering services. 

Our Mission ▻

"We want our customers to have the best experience at our deli. With our open kitchen concept, we guarantee freshly made sandwiches and coffees on the spot. We always order our ingredients fresh every morning and prepare our customer's food to ensure the best taste we can provide for them."

Open Hours ▻

Hours Of Operations

Monday: 7am - 4pm 

Tuesday: 7am - 4pm

Wednesday: 7am - 4pm

Thursday: 7am - 4pm

Friday: 7am - 4pm

Saturday: Closed

Sundays: Closed


*Please note that our grill section close at 3pm*

650 Massachusetts Ave. NW

Washington DC 20001

601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington DC 20004

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